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Darts is a very enjoyable game to play. However, there are only two options for dart boards i.e traditional boards usually made of bristle or the electronic boards used today. This article focuses on the modern electronic boards.

So how do they work?

There are several types of boards which work differently. These include:

Electronic paneling

Boards that use this kind of paneling score the dart for the panel that is struck. Since the panels have electric circuitry, such boards require one to use darts that have soft tips so as to prevent them from being damaged.

Laser Sensors

One or several lasers scan the laser board when a dart hits the board. A broken beam can calculate the actual location of the dart and then send the data to the system for scoring. The beam will scan any object on its path so it doesn’t matter the dart type you use.

Stand and Mounts

Electronic boards can be placed in free standing cabinets or mounted on walls.Typically, those hung on walls are suspended from a stud that is fixed to a wall by use of screws.The cabinet usually comprises beautiful wood for holding the board. electronic stores nelamangala

Remote Infrared Scoring

There are some boards that have an incorporated wireless infrared relay system. This system sends reports of the score to a transmitter located near the electronic board, which then through an infrared radio signal relays the score to a receiver located near the players.

The receiver then produces infrared beams onto the floor which show the throwing line and the score.

Advantages of electronic boards over bristle boards

Ease of scoring

This is one of the main advantages of electronic boards. It would be tedious to score manually when you are playing a game with your friends. Electronic boards work by detecting the actual location where you hit the board and appropriately keep the scores.

Variety of games

Electronic dart boards usually come with numerous but different in-built games. Majority of them have at least 25 dart games which you can play with almost 16 of your friends. Such a feature would be good to have when you are tired of playing traditional darts and you want to try out something different.

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